Frequently Asked Questions

Required equipment to become a C-CSC

Frequently Asked Questions About The CSC Program

Q1. Am I still eligible for the program if my business doesn’t have a storefront?

Computer service consultants, appliance repair technician/owners, individuals who perform contract service and installation of satellite, and certain unique-service type shops may apply for store front exemption. If it is logical that the requirement be waived, CSC will do it.

Q2. Where can I find a copy of the test equipment lists?

The test equipment lists can be found here. You can also assist the CSC efforts by commenting on the RTE list if you feel one or more items needs modification.

Q3. I’ve reviewed the test equipment list for my product category, and I don’t feel I need a certain piece of equipment. What should I do?

There are test equipment products made by various companies that can accomplish the job of installing, testing, adjusting or calibrating properly. All you need do is show that the equipment you use can, in fact, do the job properly. The CSC review panel will consider any substitutions.

Q4. The cost of the program seems high to me. Is there anyway to reduce it?

Are you aware that this is a three-year certification? If a potential fee of less than $200 seems high to you, would you please let us know of another program of a similar nature that has been able to do the job CSC is trying to do for the industry, at a lower fee? (Please check out the health, engineering, education fields – you will find CSC is a giant bargain.)

Q5. What are the manufacturers going to do for me if my service center becomes certified?

Benefits will vary from company to company. Product makers are eager to work with service firms which have certified technicians, businessmen as managers, decent facilities that their customers can have confidence in and who provide no-excuses world class service. Why would a manufacturer not provide incentives to assure that a service firm stays as their representative in the area? Most CSC shops will find incentives worth far more than the minimal CSC certification fee.

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