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Differentiation - The CSC Motivation

If you are visiting this page, this signifies that you already have the confidence from your customers, respect from your competitors, but you recognize that something is missing. An official certification that your service center is the best of the best. Why not promote your organization’s expertise, reinforce customer relationships while capturing new customers by becoming a Certified Service Center? You have everything to gain!

CSC Eligibility

The Certified Service Center program is open to all electronic and appliance service, repair and installation companies located in the United States and Canada. Certifications are awarded primarily to communication, biomedical and appliance service centers.

CSC Requirements

To receive the prestigious Certified Service Center designation a service center must satisfy ten (10) specific operational requirements. CSCs shall:

CSC Applications

All CSC applications will be reviewed for completeness and compliance by the C-CSC’s administrator. Compliance discrepancies and/or requests for exceptions from applicants will be referred to the C-CSC’s Board of Directors for resolution. If you need assistance to complete the application, or should you have any questions regarding the requirements, please contact us. Upon receipt of completed applications, a preliminary assessment will be provided within five (5) business days.


Upon certification, your business will be listed in the CSC directory and available for public inspection on the official C-CSC website. You will also receive a frameable certificate validating your CSC status, and display graphics enabling you to display the CSC logo on your website, signage and promotional literature. Organizations that are no longer recognized as CSCs are required to remove all CSC signage and logos from their business’ web site, buildings and marketing materials.


The three-year non-refundable certification fee for a single service business is $575 plus $125 for each additional location. Certifications are valid for three years from the date of certification.

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