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CSC Edge's Newsletter for Mar 2018

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Describe your Company? What makes it unique? How can you best describe these unique characteristics to your Customers? Do you effectively promote your company by highlighting your strengths every chance that you get by using every resource available?

These are not hard question for any business to answer to answer but do we all take the time to share these strengths with your customers each and every day? I like to share with you some of the rather simple but effective things that some of our Certified Service Centers have done to help differentiate their company each and every day. Certain facts are important to customers and they are fairly easy to communicate if you pay attention to the promotional tools that you have available.

First of all is your use of the Company Web Site with a specific section that very effectively highlights the unique technical strengths that you have and continue to maintain because they are important to all your Customers. Don’t assume that anyone knows your accomplishments unless you take the time and effort to tell them.

Some of these important strengths that can be Highlighted on your Web Pages are noted as follows:
-Independently, Nationally Certified Repair Technicians with the Certifier's Logo
-Independently Nationally Certified Service Management with the Certifier's Logo
-Nationally Recognized as a Certified Service Center
-Place the Certified Service Center Logo on your Web site Homepage with the Link
-List the categories on your Web Site that were independently reviewed for your Certification under the CSC Program as obvious strengths so that your customers know what has been independently reviewed for compliance.
One CSC lists the following specific areas of compliance:

  • Facility - Show a picture
  • Fleet of Service Vehicles – Again show a photo
  • Indicate that you are properly Insured
  • Nationally Certified Technicians
  • Trained and Certified Service Managers
  • A review of your a written Customer focused Customer Service Program
  • A review of your specific written warranty policy.
  • A review of your Industry required and calibrated test Equipment
  • A review of your Professional Appearance standards

-Show them a list of any manufacturer or industry named recognitions
-Show them a list of the Manufacturers that you currently sell and service
-Tell them about your other sales and service locations
-Give them a link to your current Customer Testimonials
-Tell them how long you have been in business
-List Memberships in any of the recognized Search organizations like Angie’s List

Secondly, also take advantage of your vehicles, office, and even uniforms to help differentiate your company through the use of decals, patches, plaques, and literature to help highlight what makes your company special. In many cases these are some of your best advertising tools. Also business cards and office displays showing the accomplishment of your company and your people. Anyone who visits your office, sees your vehicle, or meets a technician and can see your strengths advertised each and every day.

Many of you run adds and have done so for years but let’s not forget the effectiveness of what is shown on your web site and what is promoted in your office, on your service vehicles, and even on the apparel worn by your service and installation technicians. Some our Certified Service Centers have actually used their home page to direct Customers to other specific stand alone sections of their web site to portray the full pictures their specific accomplishments because they have a great story to tell. We will begin sending out some of the promotion tools and ideas currently being used by our Certified Service Centers that will hopefully give all of you some ideas about telling your company’s great story.



Author: Don Pierson, Treasurer

If you are using some promotion tools right now that you would like to share please just send them to me at dpierson55@hotmail.com and make sure that you continue to tell everyone your Company’s story .

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